AirPhonic Wirefree Hi-fi Plus Kit (Works with a...

AirPhonic Wirefree Hi-fi Plus Kit (Works with additional docks)


With the Airphonic Plus system, you can transmit music wirelessly from an iPad, iPhone or iPod to an iPod Docking System and still use all the great features while listening to your music.


Airphonic Plus Kit works with additional brands, including all Bose models and newly launched Pioneer and Yamaha systems. Please check the compatible Dock list below. If your dock is not listed under Airphonic Plus see Airphonic Universal.




The Airphonic Plus system consists of two small dongles, the S5T+ transmitter which connects to any iPad/Pod/Phone and the RX1+ receiver replaces an iPod etc in a compatible docking system.

The dongles need only to be paired on first use (a simple procedure) and from then on simply plug the RX1+ onto a compatible Docking System, insert the S5T+ into an iPad, iPhone or iPod and after a few seconds the LED’s will flash and music will play.

Users have full streaming, remote volume and track control at up to 10 metres line of sight.



  • Send, receive and listen to CD quality audio
  • Will stream Apple lossless music
  • Remotely select album & artist
  • Remote control of volume & track
  • Send emails, browse the web on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch while listening to music on your Docking System
  • Listen to your favourite YouTube music video or Spotify via your Docking System when streamed via your iPad, iPod, iTouch or iPhone
  • Pair up to 4 receivers to one transmitter (requires extra RX1 receivers)
  • Transmitter (S5T+) can also be used with up to 4 other Kleer based receivers, such as headphones from Opera, Sennheiser and TDK
  • Transmission up to 10m


Our Price: £89.95/€109.50*

[Including Delivery until 31st January 2011]



* price does not include Docking System or iPad

iPod, iPhone and iPad are trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries





RX1/RX1+ Additional RX1/RX1+ receivers   £44.95/€54.90*
* Prices include VAT, plus delivery
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